Application of Acrel Medical IT Cabinets in Hospitals in Indonesia
17 Aug 2022

1.Project Overview

Modern diagnosis and treatment, almost the most advanced medical equipment in various medical fields. With the widespread application of electronic devices, the threat to the lives of current patients is also increasing. Especially those that are critical, such as operating room and type 2 operating room, various patients in operating room or rest state, and other medical rooms, the sensor has some special people in the ICU, the tiny ward leakage current may cause the patient electrocuted. When the system suddenly loses power (such as baby ward, operating room or in the consultation room, childbirth ward), when the catheter patient of various health or treatment equipment suffers from the body, the threshold value of the somatosensory sensation is reduced to 10 microamps.
Acrel's medical monitoring isolation cabinet is equipped for the power supply demand of the system location. The power supply has the power distribution cabinet monitoring of the IT system, and the isolation cabinet equipment of the IT equipment monitors the isolation of the system. Hybrid protocol and hybrid chamber protocol.
Use the security management equipment to monitor the data display of the operating room and IT equipment control cabinet. Patient safety, real-time monitoring and visual management of premises.

2.Customer requirements

Below is the customer’s requirements in the electrical diagram:

3. Introduction

The medical IT system is mainly used in important Class 2 medical locations such as operating room, ICU/CCU intensive care unit, providing safe, reliable and continuous power distribution for the important equipment at these locations. Medical insulation monitoring and fault locating device is developed by the many years’ design experience of the Acrel Electric in electric power meter industry, according to the special requirements of the insulation monitoring and fault locating of the power distribution system in Class 2 medical locations. The products can realize the real-time monitoring of insulation, load and temperature of isolation transformer in IT system, and have the functions of system insulation fault loop positioning and centralized monitoring by multiple pieces of systems. Products conform to the provisions of enterprise standard Q31/0114000129C013-2016 IT System Insulation Monitoring Instrument.

Medical IT system insulation monitoring and fault locating products (seven-piece set) include AITR series medical isolation transformer, AIM-M200 medical intelligent insulation monitoring instrument, AKH-0.66P26 current transformer, AIL150-4/AIL150-8 insulation fault locator, ASG150 test signal generator, HDR-60-24 power module and AID150 centralized alarm and display instrument, which are shown in Table 1.

Table 1 Medical IT System Insulation Monitoring and Fault Locating Products

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