Photovoltaic System Solutions
05 Feb 2021
1, Distributed Photovoltaic Solutions

Nowadays, grid companies usually require photovoltaic grid-connected systems to be irreversible , that is, the electricity generated by photovoltaic grid-connected systems is consumed by local loads, and excess electricity is not allowed to supply to the grid. The system can regulate power generation in order to prevent the photovoltaic grid-connected system from generating reverse power.

1. Solution for PV anti-backflow

2. Solution for PV DC coupled energy storage

3. Solution for photovoltaic AC coupled energy storage

1. Anti-reflux

  • 1) ACR10R-D16TE

    ● Rated voltage: AC 100V or 400V
    ● Rated Current: AC 80A
    ● RS485(MODBUS-RTU)
    ● Certificate: CE
  • 2) AGF-AE-D Single Phase AC Energy Meter

    ●Single phase three wire
    ●Rated voltage: AC 120V/208V,240V(88%~110%)
    ●Rated current: AC 100A , 200A
    ●Application: inverters in Australia, Europe, North America and other areas
    ●DIN 35 mm
  • 3) ACR10R-D10TE4

    ● Rated voltage: 3X220/380V
    ● Rated Current: 60A
    ● Communication:RS 485 Modbus RTU
    ● Certificate: CE
  • 4) DJSF1352-RN rail-mounted DC power meter

    ●RS485 communication interface
    ●Supports Modbus-RTU protocol
    ●Relay alarm output and digital input function
    ●Set the ratio, alarm, and communication through the meter panel keys according to different requirements ●Event recording of switch (Modbus protocol), programming and event setting records, instantaneous and timing freeze function of data, maximum and minimum value recording function of voltage and current power

2, Centralized PV Solutions

In the solar PV power generation system, the smart PV combiner box reduces the connection between the solar PV cell array and the inverter. The box can monitor the operating status of the solar panels, lightning protector and DC circuit breaker. With RS485 interface, the device can upload the measured and collected data and equipment status.

  • 1) Combiner box
    ● Accuracy:0.5
    ● DC ± 18A
    ● Communication:RS485 Modbus RTU
  • 2) PV Confluence Acquisition Device
    ● Accuracy:0.5
    ● Rated Current: DC 0-20A
    ● Voltage: DC1000V,DC1500V
    ● Communication:RS 485 Modbus RTU
  • 3) APQM-E Advanced Power Device
    Measurement of electrical parameters, harmonics, inter-harmonics, voltage fluctuation, flicker;
    Monitoring of voltage swell, voltage sag, voltage interruption, Statistics of power quality limit times, voltage qualification rate, and form the report.
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