ADW310 Single Phase IoT Energy Meter(4G,WIFI)

Type: Wireless single phase energy meter

Measurement:Active kWh (positive and negative),quadrant reactive power energy.

Electrical measurement: U、I、 P、Q、S、PF、F、THDv、Harmonic on 2nd-31st,etc

Communication:RS485,4G,or WIFI


● Max demand

Accuracy:Class 1

● 2DI/2DO

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ADW310 series din rail energy meter is mainly used for metering single phase active energy on low voltage(220V~230V) network. There are RS485,4G,WIFI communication way in order to help customers check, get and manage the value of energy consumption remotely.

It can be installed in distribution box flexibly, achieving the different demand of measurement and statistics of distribution on different areas and different loading.

It also could work with our IoT platform to help customers to check all parameters remotely.(See More


  • LCD Display: 8 digits
  • Rated Input Voltage:220V
  • Rated Input Current:0~60A;10~100A
  • Rated Frequency:45~60HZ
  • Key programming: 3 keys
  • Communication: RS485(Modbus-RTU),4G,WIFI


  • Communication via 4G or WIFI

    ADW310 with built-in 4G or WIFI module could send the data to our IoT platform or third-part platform directly.



Wiring Diagram

Typical Connection

4G Version
WIFI Version

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