Acrel Visits Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre
30 Mar 2023

With the opening up of the epidemic in China, exhibitions around the world have been held one after another, and Acrel is also preparing to participate in exhibitions around the world. Before that, we still need to do some preparatory work, first go to the exhibition to research the market and visit local customers.

Then the first station we arrived at Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre.

As the world's largest international exhibition for the power energy industry, MEE attracts leading manufacturers, experts, government representatives and power industry professionals from the global energy and utilities industry to gather every year to drive cost-effectiveness, efficiency and projects forward. As one of the leading companies in the international and domestic power fields, Acrel is bound to make a contribution to it.

      During this visiting, we learned about the local market situation on the one hand, and also visited a number of customers in cooperation, conducted in-depth communication, and solved problems for customers. Among them, there are many customers who are very interested in our new products. A lot of preparatory work has been done for the 2024 exhibition.

      Acrel have been committed to helping users achieve intelligent, visualized, and refined management of energy, improving energy efficiency and safety, and providing data services for enterprises to save energy and reduce consumption and realize energy digitalization.


At the same time, we will also visit or attend exhibitions in 2023 as follow:


Russia ELEKTRO (Attend)

Electric &Power Indonesia(Attend)


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