Hannover Messe has been delayed to July 13
04 Mar 2020
Beijing time on March 4, 18:00, 11 a.m. local time, Hannover Messe in Germany hosts Germany Hannover exhibition company announced that because of Covid - the global impact of 19 coronavirus escalating, originally scheduled to be held in April 2020 formally decided to Hannover Messe at delayed to July 13 to 17, 2020.

Booth NO.:B80H12
Date:July 13-17, 2020
Venue:Hannover Exhibition Center
The Energy Metering Management System provides the user with the real-time monitoring of the running state of the equipment, offers the data basis to the users for the reasonable power utilization management, reduces the labor intensity of the operation and maintenance personnel, reasonably allocates the load, optimizes the operation of the system, and effectively saves the electric energy.
The Remote Prepayment Management Cloud Platform realizes the power charge management of the tenant,which can remind the insufficient balance SMS.Moreover,the bill can be recharged via/WeChat/ Alipay/ UnionPay.
The Substation Operations & Maintenance Cloud Platform provides 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring and dispatching service to the user.The substations distributed in various places which improve the load forecasting precision,the operation and maintenance efficiency.
The Acrel Energy Management Cloud-platform shows the use and consumption of all kinds of energy to managers or decision-makers with intuitive data and charts, finds out the high energy consumption points and unreasonable energy consumption habits, effectively saves energy, provides accurate data support for users to further save energy or upgrade equipment, and effectively saves energy.
The monitoring system of the user substation is suitable for the city network, the agricultural network substation and the user substation with the voltage of 35kv and below. The design can realize all-round control,manage of the transformer station,fulfil the requirements of the unattended operation of the substation, and ensure the safety and the stability of the transformer station.The above advantages provide a solid guarantee for the economic operation.
The Wireless Temperature Measuring System mainly used for monitoring the temperature of the electrical connection points of the busbar overlapping point, the circuit breaker contact, the cable joint and the like in the high and low voltage switch cabinet, so that the contact point contact resistance is prevented from being excessively large to generate heat, the occurrence of safety accidents is avoided, and the accident rate of the equipment is reduced.
The Cloud Platform For Power IOT collects large data about user station operation timely.

Through professional data analysis to follow up the user station status, when it shows abnormal situation or operation failure.It will give feedback to the operation and to the maintenance command center in time, and to notify the corresponding operation and maintenance engineer through the mobile terminal to guide the field operation.
The Intelligent Lighting Control System can not only realize remote centralized control of lighting lamps, but also realize nearby control, flexible and diverse intelligent control and huge equipment capacity, especially suitable for large public construction projects such as hospitals, schools, hotels and so on.
Energy Quality Analysis and Control System monitors improve the power quality of the power grid by the power electronic technology and eliminate the harmonic pollution.
The ARD Series Intelligent Motor Protector has the functions of remote automatic control, on-site direct control, panel indication, signal alarm and on-site bus communication, and can be widely used in the power distribution field of coal mine, petrochemical, smelting, electric power, building and other industries.
Acrel Data Center Dynamic Loop Monitoring System provides data center centralized monitoring and management complete system solution for the data center customers by combining its own advantages.
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