02 Mar 2021
Remote Data Monitoring, Remote Deposit
The data is uploaded to the cloud platform in real-time through gateway, unit price can be set on each electricity meter or water meter.
Cloud Deployment
Software installation, upgrade and maintenance are easy.
Balance Warning
When the balance is insufficient, the system will remind the users to recharge in time by SMS or E-mail.
Remote Control
According to the management requirements, the user can control the electricity meter and water meter within his authority.For example, control the power switch and water meter valve, set the price and the alarm parameters, etc.

Energy Report
Users and administrators can check the daily energy usage;It can provide energy consumption analysis or financial report, including energy consumption data and financial data.
Online Payment
Online payment for water and electricity fee, as well as inquiry.
Third Party Interface API
The system can provide interface(API or SDK) for a third-party platform.

Application in Dormitories
The system can support dormitory management, such as timing control, unsafe load identification,ect.

Historical Record and Report
All alarm information, remote control and recharge operation are recorded in the logs for users to query.
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